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About Us

About Us

Computer science is the way of the future in a globalized, highly technological society. TechRoots Academy understands this and wants to ensure that your child is on the right path for their future success. With fierce competition and jobs disappearing, the anxiety associated with competing in such a world is no surprise, therefore; we offer a competitive advantage thanks to our revolutionary programs that teach computer science to children of all ages.

At TechRoots Academy, we pride ourselves on our current, cutting-edge knowledge of computers and how they work. Our team is spearheaded by successful college students who have been coding for years. They self-taught themselves how to code in a 7th grade computer class and continue to learn everyday. Our expertise come from working with the best computer programmers in the country to develop new apps and websites.

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Why Choose Us?

Students and families work together with our team, offering students access to our skilled teams’ diverse array of talents and insight. We aim to develop and enhance knowledge of computer science, specifically coding, 3D printing, problem solving, and engineering. We believe that every student, with the proper guidance, can be the next technological whiz. Our counselors genuinely care about the students they work with and go to great lengths to ensure that they further their knowledge of computer science. The opportunity to seize your future and choose what path you will take in life can be terrifying for a student – and we’re here to help offer you every advantage along the way.

Our Expertise

At TechRoots Academy, our counselors work side-by-side with your child to:

  • Teach basic coding skills in the coding languages of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, C++ as well as others.
  • Develop teamwork skills that can extend to any discipline.
  • Enhance problem-solving abilities that can be used in any situation.
  • Build your child’s confidence in their computer science abilities.
  • Create a learning environment that fosters positive growth and development.
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