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Web development

We start with basic CSS and HTML and break it down and explain so that by the end of the classes each student will be able to understand the fundamentals, start to code on their own and personalize their website however they would like. Then we get into a more advanced level, the kids make a smiley face out of pure JavaScript which takes about 4-6 classes as well.

App development

Through this course students will be immersed into an environment in which their minds will expand on the topics that include how to create sprites, what a variable is, the difference between the X and Y axis, and many others fun aspects of creating an app. We use web browser friendly software for this course, therefore; all students will have the opportunity to take home their final product.

Game Development

When we move into very advanced classes we begin to teach the students how to make their own computer game. This is a java script based class where learn to make games like “Snake” and “Tetris” as well as a variation of fruit ninja. In this course students will go into depth in regards to logic based coding in addition to sprite development for their games.