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Autodesk Fusion 360

Students will learn the basic concepts of engineering and design both on paper and on a computer. The computer aspect of this course uses a program called Autodesk Fusion 360 professional which is optimized for 3-dimensional design development. Students will be taught strategies and techniques in order to be able to design effectively on a computer aided program like Fusion 360. Stduents will learn about cordinate planes, extrusion, multi-deminsional figures and many more things.

3D Printing

Once students learn to create their 3D object using the software we will then look to print out their objects. Students will learn about the different parts of a printer and how the filament is shaped to become a configured object. As the classes progress, they will be taught more functionalities of the program and will receive 3-dimensional printouts of their creations. Additionally, students will get to see a 3D Printer in action during one of the classes.