How It Works


We teach in-person classes to young students in 2nd to 8th grade, mainly in library, schools, and camps.


We have constructed a course that immerses students into an interactive learning environment in which they will learn how to create their own personalized websites. Students will learn how to use HTML, CSS, and JavaScript as well as how each of those languages contributes to a complete website.

Class Mission

This course is focused on breaking the complexity of web design down into fun and easy to understand lessons. By the end of the course, students will see their progress come to life on their own website.


Each class is equipped with trained TechRoots Instructors, TechRoots laptops with all necessary applications, and our in-depth curriculum.


1 course is typically 4 to 6 classes held once a week, and each class runs an hour long. We often adapt our scheduling to fit the needs of the customer.

Typical Pricing

4 classes: $250
6 classes: $400
This varies heavily based on factors such as number of students/instructors or number of classes.

Contact Us!

If you would like to hold a TechRoots class at your facility please call 201-805-1977 or email